Are you ready for an online snow war? This will be very challenging! Snow War io is a shooting game where you create a snow mass, throw it to the opponents, and try to knock them overboard. Make sure you push all your opponents into the sea, and victory will be yours.

How to Play Snow War io

When you enter the game, you can start by typing your username in the box. You will see your character right above this box. You can select the character of the color you want by pressing the left and right buttons. After deciding, you can join the battle by clicking the play icon!

Snow Battlefield

The racing area here is a snowbank above the sea. You need to attack your opponents with the snow masses you have accumulated. And eliminate them from the field by pushing them into the sea. But there is something you should pay attention to. There is ice in the area. If you get caught here, you will freeze and cannot move for a short time. And your opponents may push you into the sea in the meantime. Do not let it happen to you; use it against your rivals.

Making Snowballs

Use your mouse to move your vehicle and start collecting snow masses. You will see the snow mass grow as you accumulate it. When you want to attack, just release the key or the mouse button. Your opponent will move backward in direct proportion to the volume of the snow mass when hit.

Power-ups in Snow War io

The game offers some power-ups to help you. While some of these make your vehicle larger, which means accumulating larger masses of snow, others give you the right to accelerate for a short time.


• Steer by moving the mouse while holding down the left-click button.

• Alternatively, use WASD or Arrow keys for movement.

• Release the key or mouse button to send snowballs at your opponents.

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